The Micronex Taxonomy of Minerals


GeoReference Online Ltd


[Available 1 Dec 2003]
Micronex Taxonomy of Minerals
(in Microsoft Access 2000 format, customised for use in TreeList Editor)

Micronex, a mineralogical consulting company based in Edmonton, Canada, has developed a taxonomy of minerals specialy optimised for intellingent computer applications.

Micronex makes this taxonomy available for use by other parties under the following conditions:

(1) The taxonomy is not used as part of a "for profit" system without the permission of Micronex.

(2) The taxonomy is referred to as the "Micronex Taxonomy of Minerals", and, where possible, a reference made to the website.

View the Micronex Taxonomy of Minerals
[This view of the taxonomy is provided in separate fragments to allow for rapid viewing over telephone lines.  When viewed in MinIdent or TreeList Editor, the taxonomy is presented as a single entity.]

The Role of Scientific Taxonomies

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